Mekanları Hayata Geçiren Tasarımlar
Etili Seramik Ürünleriyle
Yaşam Alanlarınıza Hayat ve Zarafet Katın.

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Mekanları Hayata Geçiren Tasarımlar.  Etili Seramik Ürünleriyle Yaşam Alanlarınıza  Hayat ve Zarafet Katın.

Geleneksel ve Çağdaş Seramik Fayans ve Pervazlar, Doğal Taşlar, Vinil Yer Döşemeleri, Cam Fayanslar, Mozaikler ve Seramik Taşlar Cam ve Metal Bordürler.

Etili Seramik Ins. San. Tic. A.S. is established in the year 2006 (to produce ceramic wall and floor tiles). The factory is located in Etili, which is in the province of Çanakkale city of Turkey.

Having facilities founded in 17.000 sqm, the factory has 100.000 sqm of area in total. The company has started to produce porcelain floor tiles in 2007 with the annual capacity of 2.000.000 sqm. Completing the investment of wall tile and decor factories, the factory that uses advanced industrial automation system, increased annual capacity to 5.000.000 sqm. 

By using the combination of well trained staff, meticulously chosen raw material and productive facilities using advanced technology Etili Seramik produces tiles of different size, color and pattern that are capable to compete in global market. Etili Seramik present tiles to users’  taste both in Turkey and many other countries around the world, especially in Europe.

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