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In order to comply with conditions of competition in global market, Etili Seramik always follows industrial innovations and supplies its staff with continuous improvement. Etili Seramik conducts its PD and R&D studies accordingly in academic field consistently.  

In all the processes of produce, besides the quality of product and saving the nature is also our first priority. The process water is recycled and reused completely and never discharged to the environment. The domestic waste water is discharged after being processed in waste water treatment plant. 

All the rejected tiles are crashed, ground and reused. The packing materials used are all recyclable. The dedusting systems used supply with clean working environment. To reduce carbon emission, we recover gas and reuse hot air from chimneys. Products having various sizes, colors and patterns congenial to masses of all types are delivered to end users via distributers in domestic and global market.

The company exports significant amount of its production around thirty countries, mainly to Europe. Thanks to good quality of product and service, Etili Seramik always improves its position in the global market.

  • To supply with users’ needs and demands by improving on our proceess technology and enhance our system constantly.
  • To be named in top class producers by making our products superior in terms of modernity and aesthetic.
  • By developing skills of colleagues perpetually to evolve their collective experiments to high efficiency in operativeness of the system.
  • To obstruct giving harm to natural sources, earth, water,
  • By giving crucial importance and take occupational health and safety as principle to provide colleages with a healthy, serene and safe workplace.
  • To improve the quality management system in use in our factory continously with employees, suppliers and clients cooperatively.
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